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Author: Caven Boggess

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Leagues for Playing Bags

2020 Bag League Sign Up!

Started in 2010 as one league with 10 teams, has since expanded to Monday & Thursday nights. 14 Week Leagues with numerous teams each night. ...

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St. Patrick's Day Celebration

12th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration!

12th ANNUAL ST. PATRICK'S DAY CELEBRATION! Lake Country Area's Largest St. Patrick's Day Celebration! Join us for our 12th Annual St. Patrick's Day Celebration! This is a fantastic event with Great People having a Great Time with Great Music and it's happening the entire day! It's non-stop fun...

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Wisconsin Breweries Represented @ NIP'S

Wisconsin Breweries Represented @ NIP’S

Wisconsin Breweries Represented @ NIP'S with rotation of tappers, bottles & cans of some of the awesome creations from our very own Wisconsin Breweries! Some you might have already had, some you might not have! Regardless, they are local Wisconsin breweries and we are working with...

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Free Darts Sunday's @ Nettie's Irish Pub

Free Darts and/or Dartball Sunday’s

EVERY SUNDAY! Grab your family, friends and/or neighbors and come out for a little friendly competition! Whether it be one-on-one or forming your own little tourney, have some fun with whatever you decide!...

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