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OUTINGS – Corporate, Team Building, Sales Meeting or Golf

Bring your company employees over for a day of team building, camaraderie, retirement(s), a Sales Meeting or whatever other reason you have to get your employees together. Plan to have NIP’S provide the food or bring your own. Play Bags, Horseshoes, Darts, Washers, etc. making it an incredible day for all! Whether it be a weekday or weekend, make it something different that your people can relax and enjoy knowing their company truly appreciates them and what they do for the organization!

Having a Golf Outing, but not sure where to go after Golf? Let us help you with the after! We have hosted several and with the 2000 sq. ft. Deck including an outdoor bar, and three acres of land to roam, it is the ideal spot to bring everyone together after the golf! Heck, we host our own too! We will help you with the food or you can caterer it yourself and you can do all of your raffles and winning prizes while everyone eats and has a few beverages! Play some Bags, Horseshoes, Darts, Golden Tee and others while there. Plenty of parking for all. Again, whether it be a weekday or weekend we can help! Contact the pub at 262-695-NIPS(6477) or complete the form below.

PARTIES – Birthday, Anniversary, Retirement, Engagement, Baby or Wedding Showers and Others

Book your party with us and have a great time. We have great experience in this area for parties both inside and out and we have provided tents for all seasons. We can provide food or you can bring your own. You can decorate the party area, play bags and/or horseshoes during the summer, host music or anything additional you can think of! Whatever it is, we will do what it takes to help you put things together to make your day/night the most enjoyable and relaxing as possible! Contact us at 262-695-NIPS(6477) or complete the form below.


If you would like to have a fundraiser but do not have a venue to host it, we would love to help. We have the experience, facilities, resources and three acres of land, including a 2,000 sq. ft. deck, to make it successful for all involved. Set all of your raffle items up on the deck to get the maximum donations for all of your items! We have done many over the years and because Charity is very dear to us, we welcome, with honor, the opportunity to host them. If you would like to include a Cornhole (Bags) or Horseshoe Tournament, Cribbage Tournament, Hold-Em Tournament or whatever else during the event, we will make that happen also. Large or small, we have hosted, coordinated, catered and collaborated with and for many charities and organizations such as; Autism, Melanoma, Leukemia, Crohn’s & Colitis, Breast Cancer, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Wounded Warriors, to name a few, in our 10 years, so you can go into it with the utmost confidence that it will be successful!

Our team will help you coordinate it to optimize the charitable giving and the fun and gratification that all will have during and after the event. Contact us @ 262-695-NIPS(6477) or complete the form below.