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Free Darts and/or Dartball Sunday’s

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Free Darts Sunday's @ Nettie's Irish Pub
1 Sep

Free Darts and/or Dartball Sunday’s

EVERY SUNDAY! Grab your family, friends and/or neighbors and come out for a little friendly darts and/or dartball competition! Hone in your skills with Free Darts every Sunday from 11:00am to 3:30pm and every other Sunday all day and night!

Every other Sunday, we begin Dartball at 4:00pm. Come alone and/or with family, friends or neighbors to join in with many others. If you’re not sure how to play, others there will help you! This game is a riot and a fantastic way to meet and banter, in a friendly manner, with so many great people! Don’t let it scare you away because everybody can play and it is a lot of fun!

Remember: Darts every Sunday and Dartball every other Sunday beginning at 4:00pm! Check us out on Facebook every Sunday to see what Sunday we have Dartball!

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